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@gwathlobal gwathlobal released this Jun 8, 2019 · 15 commits to master since this release

  • Introduced the concept of prominent characters. These are powerful characters with a unique proper name. So far, all allied angels are now prominent characters. They can sometimes be encountered during most missions. You can see the list of prominent characters you have seen in the Journal. If a prominent character dies, you will no longer be able to meet it during missions.
  • You can view the Journal using 'j' button.
  • All angels now have randomized abilities. At the start of the game, they choose between 4 sets of abilities. Each set has the first 2 abilities taken from the respective ability tree.
  • Removed the Demons vs Angels and Beasts vs Angels encounters.
  • Added new level layouts inspired by my City of the Damned: residential district, abandoned district, corrupted district.
  • Added new enemies inspired by City of the Damned: soldier, machine gunner, scout
  • Added hints to effects
  • Some usability improvements in the UI screen before each level. Added a hint that explains what you should do on this screen. Added hints to the ability trees. The player can also right-click on the ability to move it to selected abilities list (or remove abilities from there), instead of using drag&drop. When you purchase an ability, it automatically goes to the selected abilities list.
  • Added new animations to the abilities: Spear of Light, Breath of Fire, Reflective Block vs Teleport on Hit
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