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Gwen Web FAQ

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What is Gwen-Web?

Gwen-Web is a Gwen interpreter with prebuilt and ready to use web automation capabilities built on top of Selenium. It reads Gherkin features and transforms them into web automation instructions that execute in a browser for you so you don't have to do any of that technical programming work.

Can I get support?

Join our Gwen user network to get access to news, release broadcasts, tips, discussions and support from the Gwen maintainers.

How do I target a specific web browser?

By default, Gwen will target the Chrome browser. To target a different browser, just provide the name of the browser as your first argument to Gwen. chrome, firefox, safari, ie are the supported browser names.

Do I need to develop page objects or compile any code?

No, Gwen uses page scopes to emulate page objects and does away with development and compilation altogether through a prescribed DSL.

Can I change the selenium implementation?

Yes, see Changing the Selenium version.

Can I locate elements in frames or other elements?

Yes, see Locator Chaining

Can I drive multiple browsers from a single feature?

Yes, you can allocate names to browser sessions and switch between them. See Named Browser Sessions.

Can I run Gwen on Sauce Labs?

Yes, see Sauce Labs Integration.

Can I run Gwen on BrowserStack?

Yes, see Running Gwen on BrowserStack.

Can I integrate Gwen with Maven?

Yes, see Integrating Gwen with Maven

Does Gwen work with web pages built on modern JavaScript frameworks?

It works with the majority of them. We did an evaluation on 33 popular JS implementations of the publicly available todoMVC web app and had success with 28 of them. You can read more about the evaluation here.

Does Gwen have a package manager?

Yes, Gwen uses gwen-gpm as the embedded package manager to automatically download, install and update itself.

Can I run a headless browser?

Yes, set the following headless setting to true:

  • gwen.web.browser.headless=true

Can I run Gwen on Jenkins?

Yes, see running Gwen workspaces on Jenkins

Can I do visual testing?

Yes, we support visual testing with AppliTools.

Can I emulate mobile devices in browser?

Yes, see mobile emulation.

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