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Getting Started

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Get Started with Gwen


Please ensure that you have installed gwen-web.

Run Some Examples

We have included some example feature and a meta files allowing you to see Gwen in action whilst it automates a Google search and a script challenge.

Google search

The Google search feature performs a simple query on Google, clicks the first result that is returned, and then checks the URL of the page that is loaded. To run this example, open a command prompt and navigate to your Gwen installation directory and run the following command:


./gwen -b features/google


gwen -b features\google

Flood IO Challenge

The Flood IO challenge will put any automation script through a series of tasks to determine its capabilities. From clicking buttons, selecting dropdowns, calculating maximum radio option and finally to its ability to wait for an ajax call and copy text from one dom element to another. Please take the time to click through the challenge manually to familiarize yourself with the task at hand. We have included the following feature and associated meta file for you in the Gwen-web zip distribution that you should already have downloaded and extracted.

Note that the floodio challenge requires that the user agent header be set to "I AM ROBOT". Gwen currently supports automating the setting of this header for the Firefox and Chrome browsers only.

Now open a command prompt and navigate to your Gwen installation directory

Issue the following command if you are using Firefox or Chrome. This will execute the entire feature, including the setting of the robot header mentioned above.


./gwen -b features/floodio


gwen -b features\floodio

Otherwise, if you are using Safari or IE, then you will need to issue the following command instead to skip over the robot steps since there is no programmatic support for setting the user agent header in those drivers.


gwen -b -t ~@Robot features\floodio


./gwen -b -t ~@Robot features/floodio

Gwen will start and complete the floodio challenge.

Read our Blog and Articles

We encourage you to read our blog posts and articles and follow the examples there to get a good understanding of how Gwen works and can be used.

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