Gwen Web User Guide

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Gwen-Web User Guide

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Usage: install-dir/bin/|gwen.bat [options] [<features>]

        Prints the implementation version
        Prints this usage text
  -b | --batch
        Batch/server mode
  -| | --parallel
        Parallel batch execution mode)
  -p <properties files> | --properties <properties files>
        Comma separated list of properties file paths
  -r <report directory> | --report <report directory>
        Evaluation report output directory
  -f <formats> | --formats <formats>
        Comma separated list of report formats to produce
         - Supported formats include: html,junit (default is html)
  -t <tags> | --tags <tags>
        Comma separated list of @include or ~@exclude tags
  -n | --dry-run
        Do not evaluate steps on engine (validate for correctness only)
  -i <input data file> | --input-data <input data file>
        Input data (CSV file with column headers)
  -m <meta files> | --meta <meta files>
        Comma separated list of meta file paths

       Space separated list of feature files and/or directory paths

REPL Commands

The following commands are available within the gwen REPL console (these can also be displayed in the REPL by typing help).

Gwen REPL commands:

  Displays this help text
env [switch] ["filter"]
  Lists attributes in the current environment
    Only lists visible attributes if no options are specified
    switch :
      -a : to list all attributes in all scopes
      -f : to list all attributes in the feature (global) scope
    filter : literal string or regex filter expression

  Lists all previously entered commands

  Executes a previously entered command (history bang operator)
    # : the history command number

Given|When|Then|And|But <step>
  Evaluates a step
    step : the step expression

  Closes the REPL session and exits

  Press tab key at any time for tab completion

Configuration Settings

See Runtime Settings

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