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A flexible, pragmatic workflow tool.
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docs Cleaner packaging Jun 3, 2019
editor-support/vscode Fix rst formatting. May 14, 2017
examples Rewrite tests to use py.test. Sep 7, 2017
src/gwf Prepare for 1.5.1 Jun 3, 2019
tests Add option to protect files from being cleaned. Mar 7, 2019
.coveragerc Order coverage report by coverage. May 1, 2018
.flake8 Reformat everything with Black. May 31, 2018
.gitignore Use pipenv! Apr 26, 2018
.travis.yml Get rid of pipenv again Mar 6, 2019
CHANGELOG.rst Fix crash when Slurm returns unknown job state Jun 3, 2019
CONTRIBUTORS.rst Add Tobias to contributors. Oct 13, 2017
LICENSE Let's spell license correctly... Jun 25, 2013
Makefile Cleaner packaging Jun 3, 2019
README.rst Clean up badges. Apr 25, 2018 Add coverage back as a dep Jun 3, 2019
requirements.txt Try again Jun 3, 2019



A flexible, pragmatic workflow tool.

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