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CakeBlog is an open source blogging software. Written by George Whitcher in PHP with the CakePHP framework. CakeBlog like CakePHP requires Composer and PHP 5.6+.


  1. Download and copy contents to your root folder.
  2. Install Composer.
  3. Run composer update to install CakePHP.
  4. Rename and configure the following files in your /config/ directory. app.default.php to app.php, cakeblog-config.default.php to cakeblog-config.php, cakeblog-functions.default.php to cakeblog-functions.php, and routes.default.php to routes.php
  5. Create MySQL database and user and enter information in your app.php.
  6. Run migrations by running bin/cake migrations migrate.
  7. Mark the migration completed by running bin/cake migrations mark_migrated
  8. You are now setup! A default user admin and password admin is created by default. Please login by visiting and change this immediately.

Updating CakeBlog

  1. Login to your CakeBlog administration.
  2. Go to Update on the menu and download the files automatically from the latest GIT repository.
  3. Open terminal and run bin/cake migrations migrate. It is also suggested you update your CakePHP installation as well composer update.

NOTE: It is important NOT to make changes to the core CakeBlog files as they will be overwritten when updated.

Get Support!

Issues - Got issues? Please tell me! CakeBlog - CakeBlog Homepage.