TMX Map parser for Tiled map engine in CSharp
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A TMX Map parser for Tiled map engine written in C#.

Goal of Library:

  • Easy to use
  • Use Classes to eliminate the possibility of accidental struct copies
  • Reasonably fast

Potential Uses:

  • Orthographic (2D looking straight-on) Tile Engines in C#
  • Easy to integrate with OpenTK or XNA

Runtime Requirements:

  • .net 4, .net 4 client profile, or .net 4.5 (default)


  • MIT (see

Features Supported:

  • Multiple Tile Layers
  • Multiple Tile Sets
  • Sanity checks on data
  • Base64 + zlib/gzip/or no compression
  • CSV format
  • XML format
  • Method for providing a different location for the tile images (instead of the one the map editor was given)

Features Not Yet Supported:

  • Properties
  • Isometric (I have only attempted orthogonal)
  • Object layers
  • Flags on tiles. They get dropped and the tile id is corrected. Horizontal, vertical, and diagonal flipping is parsed but no indication is given on the output model.
  • Using the path that the map editor gave for each tileset instead of different location provided.
  • Needs commenting and refactoring of the code.
  • Persisting map data back to a .tmx file

External Links:

Tiled github page -

Tiled home page -

List of supported parsers -

Getting Started:

SORRY! This section is undergoing a rewrite due to recent refactoring. A new open source tile engine will be released soon including support for TmxCSharp.

That said, the library is pretty straight-forward. Look here first: