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GWT Polymer Starter Kit - A starting point for developing Web applications using GWT and Polymer
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gwt-polymer-starter kit is an adaptation of the Polymer Starter Kit developed by the Polymer team to GWT. It is a starting point for developing Web applications using Polymer. This adaptation uses GWT, Vaadin's gwt-polymer-elements, and Maven GWT Plugin as a build tool.

Building and Running

  • Dev Mode:

Before the first run and after each clean

mvn package gwt:run

after the first run, there is no need for mvn package

mvn gwt:run
  • Production:
mvn clean gwt:compile package

Browser Histroy management

The application uses GWT Activities and Places to handle routing and section change.

Dependency Injection

There are two versions so far. The version that uses DI is under the directory gwt-polymer-starter-kit-with-di. Google Dagger 2 is used for dependency injection, as GIN is outdated and not maintained anymore. Annotations are automatically processed after running mvn compile.

GWT version

The project uses version 2.8.1

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