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'Age discontinuity and nonemployment benefit policy evaluation through the lens of job search theory', by Bruno Decreuse and Guillaume Wilemme
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Online appendix of the project 'Age discontinuity and nonemployment benefit policy evaluation through the lens of job search theory' by Bruno Decreuse (Aix-Marseille Univ.) and Guillaume Wilemme (Aix-Marseille Univ.).

Structure of the repository

This repository contains the Julia code used to simulate the 4 models. The code is written with Jupyter notebooks. The code runs with Julia 1.1.

The folder code contains the Jupyter notebooks. GitHub can directly display these notebooks. Sometimes GitHub does not manage to display a notebook. We suggest using the url on GitHub with the viewer

Structure of the code

core_fun.ipynb is the notebook containing the main routines for the four cases: Quebec, France, Austria, Germany. The code is commented with the equations of the model. core_fun.ipynb is called with the NBInclude package in each of the four cases studied.

For each case, there are two notebooks. simu_XXX_benchmark computes the model parameters, graphs and regression coefficients used in the paper. The robustsness tables that appear in the appendix are obtained with simu_XXX_robust.

Running codes

To run the codes, download the notebooks in the same file. Simulations for Quebec and France are relatively fast. They can be run on your own PC or laptop. Simulations for Austria and Germany are more demanding. We recommend using a server. It would then take less than a day to run a notebook.

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