Parseable version of http://localhost/server-status to be used in commandline scripts
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Parse Apache extended status (http://localhost/server-status) and 
print results, suitable for commandline scripts.


Show all process that have been busy for at least 2 minutes with the 
current request and are in R(eading) state

    apachetop --mintime 120 --state R

Show all active Apache processes and reverse sort based on request 
    apachetop | sort -nk4

Kill all processes that are running for longer than 2 minutes:

    apachetop --mintime 120 --kill

Find longest running apache procs on all web and app servers and 
sort on duration

    pboxes -f web,app  --ssh "apachetop --mintime 600" | sort -nk7

Find all "graciously closing" procs, that will probably never ever 
close. Kill them

    apachetop --state G --mintime 120 --kill

Kill all connections occupied by Chinese with crappy bandwidth.

    apachetop --state R  --mintime 10 --kill

Kill everything with request time > 20 sec, if total amount of 
active procs is > 120.

    apachetop --kill --mintime 10 --minprocs 120

Find all procs that are sending data, sorted on number of procs per 

    pboxes -f app --ssh "apachetop --state W" | awk '{ print $13; }' |        sort | uniq -c | sort -n

Emergency measure to keep a hammered box alive, The -E only sends 
mail if the message body is non-empty

    while (sleep 5); 
        apachetop --mintime 20 --minprocs 140 --kill |            mail -E -s "apache killer @";