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FreeFlarum is a community provided Flarum hosting allowing you to quickly launch your forum under 1 minute! Flarum can be hard to set up. Not anymore! Create your own Flarum forum instantly and start building your community.


  1. Overview
  2. Official Website
  3. Documentation


Quick forum creation: Create your forum in 1 minute - just pick a name, administrator E-Mail and you are good to go!

No technical skills required: FreeFlarum is easy to use with no hard setup required! You are just a few clicks away from your forum!

Fast, Secure, Safe, Simple: You won't find better performance in anywhere! Powered by fastest and most secure machines on internet your forum will run like a feather. In an addition, FreeFlarum also protects your internet privacy. Your community and your data is yours and you can always export it. We don't like dark marketing patterns so we don't have them.

Tons of backups are made everyday: Daily backups are made to an offsite location. No headaches about failing hardware, we got you covered!

Fast and kind support: You can contact us at anytime! We are always there for you!

...but most importantly, FreeFlarum is 100% free! No overpriced plans or credit card required! You can have your Flarum running 24/7 with no finance needed!

☼ Don't believe us? Check it out! ☼

Repository Information:

FreeFlarum Frontend

This repository contains the front-end for

  • documentation, built with Mkdocs and Material for Mkdocs
  • control panel

Works in conjuction with freeflarum-backend.

Submitting feature/extension requests:

Please, submit feature and extension request as a new issue in this repository.

Local development

Debian-based Linux distributions

# Install pip first (and Python 3.x, if not yet installed!)
sudo apt install python3-pip 

# Next, install pipenv
sudo pip3 install pipenv

# Install dependencies within pipenv
pipenv install

# Run dev server.
pipenv run mkdocs serve

And see your live edits at http://localhost:8000/.


# Use the deployment script for simplified process.
# Will not work on Windows (unless using Git Bash or on WSL)
# Requires rsync installed

Note: is a community provided host for Flarum. FreeFlarum is NOT affiliated with Flarum. Questions related to forum software should be adressed to the Flarum's Discussion Forums.

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