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Find publicly accessible magento files that identify a version
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Magento Version Identification

Hashes of static files can be used to determine the version of a remote Magento installation. Measured in 2015, this resulted in an accurate version identification for 91,7% of 220,000 tested Magento installations worldwide.

See the resulting hashes

This repo does:

  • Generate md5sum from static files of Magento releases
  • Calculate the best set of checksums, optimized for coverage and speed (find the right version with the least amount of requests).

The original idea was discussed here.

How to rebuild the winning fingerprints

To get accurate results, you need a complete archive of Magento tar.gz files. There is no single source to mirror, so you would have to:

  1. Use a Magento partner account to mirror recent Community and Enterprise releases. The magento-downloader tool could help.
  2. You can find older releases here:
wget -r -l 1 -nc -nd -P sources --reject '*latest.tar.gz' -A '*.gz'

Place releases in the sources folder, in ce-full and ee-full subfolders. Then run (takes a few minutes) and which will calculate a new version_hashes.json for you.


Thanks to Steve Robbins, Sjoerd Langkemper and Ryan Dewhurst!

This code has been ported:

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