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util = require "util"
async = require "async"
request = require "request"
__is_user_organization_member = (token, organization, callback) ->
github_api = request.defaults
"Authorization": "token #{token}"
"Accept": "application/json"
"Content-Type": "application/json"
encoding: "utf8"
timeout: 10000
strictSSL: true
json: true
if module.exports.debug
util.debug "checking #{organization} membership for #{token}"
github_api.get "{organization}", (err, res, organization) ->
if module.exports.debug
util.debug "#{organization}:#{token}? err:#{err} status:#{if err then '' else res.statusCode}"
return callback err if err
return callback res.statusCode unless res.statusCode is 200
callback null, organization.plan? and organization.plan.private_repos?
is_user_organization_member = async.memoize __is_user_organization_member, (token, organization) ->
[token, organization].join "\t"
middleware = (options) ->
(req, res, next) ->
is_user_organization_member req.github.user.token, options.organization, (err, is_member) ->
return next err if err
return next null if is_member
error = new Error "Forbidden"
error.status = 403
next error
middleware.debug = false
module.exports = middleware
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