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An RTS made in 14 days for the 7dRTS
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Congregation is a real time strategy game made in 8 days for the 7dRTS game making competition as part of the Mini Ludum Dare 44

The game is based around the general ideas of the board game Carcassonne by Hans Im Gluck.

How to play

To win the game you need to defeat all of your opponents minions. In order to do that, you must build cities. A complete city will spawn more minions every so often if you have one or more of your own in it. If different players also have their minions in the city however, no extra spawning will occur.

Minions will travel along roads very quickly, along cities slightly slower and very slowly along grass. You must build many cities and quickly, before one of your opponents come and wipe you out.


  • W A S D or H J K L to move the view
  • Scroll mouse wheel to zoom
  • Left click (and drag) to select minions
  • Right click to move them to that location
  • Q and E will rotate the piece you are holding clockwise and anticlockwise respectively.


This game is in very early Alpha and although playable (and dare I say it, quite fun), please don't be too surprised it crashes on you.


Congregation requires SFML 2.0 (and all of its dependencies) and SFGUI (with its dependencies).


All code copyright © Gwilym Kuiper ( 2013. Except for the string_fmt methods and the number_to_string method, all code is under GPL version 3.0.

All graphics copyright © Jake Cawthray ( and Thomas Turnbull 2013 and is released under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.

The font is released under the open font licence.

All the music played is by Matthew Pablo ( and released under creative commons by attribution.

Please see the relevant directories or websites for more information.


If you want to get in touch, please email me at and I'll do my best to reply.


Either fill a bug report in with the github issue tracker or send me an email.

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