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# Dedicated to the public domain under CC0:
from os import DirEntry, stat as _stat, stat_result as StatResult
from stat import *
from typing import Optional, NamedTuple, Union
from .path import Path, PathOrFd
class FileStatus(NamedTuple):
Reinterpretation of standard stat_result:
* nicer names for the fields;
* omits atime and atime_ns (which are not useful due to modern `noatime` semantics);
* splits `mode` into `type` and `perms` fields.
birth_time: int
block_count: int
block_size: int
ctime: float
ctime_ns: int
device: int
device_type: int
flags: int
generation: int
group_id: int
inode: int
link_count: int
mode: int
mtime: float
mtime_ns: int
path: str
perms: int
size: int
type: int
user_id: int
def from_stat_result(path: str, stat_result: StatResult) -> 'FileStatus':
s = stat_result
mode = s.st_mode
return FileStatus(
def from_dir_entry(class_, entry: DirEntry, *, follow:bool) -> Optional['FileStatus']:
return class_.from_stat_result(entry.path, entry.stat(follow_symlinks=follow))
# File type tests derived from Python's
def is_block_device(self) -> bool: return self.type == S_IFBLK
def is_character_device(self) -> bool: return self.type == S_IFCHR
def is_dir(self) -> bool: return self.type == S_IFDIR
def is_fifo(self) -> bool: return self.type == S_IFIFO
def is_file(self) -> bool: return self.type == S_IFREG
def is_link(self) -> bool: return self.type == S_IFLNK
def is_socket(self) -> bool: return self.type == S_IFSOCK
# Permissions.
def is_suid(self) -> bool: return bool(self.perms & S_ISUID)
def is_guid(self) -> bool: return bool(self.perms & S_ISGID)
def is_sticky(self) -> bool: return bool(self.perms & S_ISVTX)
def owner_perms(self) -> int: return self.perms & S_IRWXU
def group_perms(self) -> int: return self.perms & S_IRWXG
def other_perms(self) -> int: return self.perms & S_IRWXO
def is_owner_readable(self) -> bool: return bool(self.perms & S_IRUSR)
def is_owner_writeable(self) -> bool: return bool(self.perms & S_IWUSR)
def is_owner_executable(self) -> bool: return bool(self.perms & S_IXUSR)
def is_group_readable(self) -> bool: return bool(self.perms & S_IRGRP)
def is_group_writeable(self) -> bool: return bool(self.perms & S_IWGRP)
def is_group_executable(self) -> bool: return bool(self.perms & S_IXGRP)
def is_other_readable(self) -> bool: return bool(self.perms & S_IROTH)
def is_other_writeable(self) -> bool: return bool(self.perms & S_IWOTH)
def is_other_executable(self) -> bool: return bool(self.perms & S_IXOTH)
# Descriptions.
def type_char(self) -> str: return _type_chars[self.type]
def type_desc(self) -> str: return _type_descs[self.type]
def perms_string(self) -> str:
parts = [] # user, group, other.
for part_char, part_table in _perm_chars:
chars = part_char
for bit, char in part_table:
chars += char if (self.perms & bit) else '-'
if self.is_suid: parts.append('suid')
if self.is_guid: parts.append('sgid')
if self.is_sticky: parts.append('sticky')
return ' '.join(parts)
def mode_str(self) -> str:
return f'{self.type_char} {self.perms_string}'
def dir_entry_type_char(entry: DirEntry) -> str:
Return a single uppercase letter string denoting the file type of the DirEntry.
Because DirEntry does not expose the complete `stat` type field,
this is limited to `D`, `F`, `L`, or `U` for other/unknown type,
and thus is not necessarily equal to the letter obtained from `FileStatus.type_char`.
if entry.is_symlink(): return 'L'
if entry.is_dir(): return 'D'
if entry.is_file(): return 'F'
return 'U'
def file_ctime(path_or_fd:PathOrFd, *, follow:bool) -> float: return _stat(path_or_fd, follow_symlinks=follow).st_ctime
def file_inode(path_or_fd:PathOrFd, *, follow:bool) -> int: return _stat(path_or_fd, follow_symlinks=follow).st_ino
def file_permissions(path_or_fd:PathOrFd, *, follow:bool=True) -> int:
# TODO: might be useful to OR the permissions of a symlink and its destination together; perhaps a separate function.
return _stat(path_or_fd, follow_symlinks=follow).st_mode & PERM_MASK
def file_size(path_or_fd:PathOrFd, *, follow:bool=True) -> int: return _stat(path_or_fd, follow_symlinks=follow).st_size
def file_stat(path_or_fd:PathOrFd, *, follow:bool) -> StatResult: return _stat(path_or_fd, follow_symlinks=follow)
def file_status(path_or_fd:PathOrFd, *, follow:bool, raises=False) -> Optional[FileStatus]:
try: s = _stat(path_or_fd, follow_symlinks=follow)
except FileNotFoundError:
if raises: raise
return None
path = '' if isinstance(path_or_fd, int) else str(path_or_fd)
return FileStatus.from_stat_result(path, s)
def file_mtime(path_or_fd:PathOrFd, *, follow:bool) -> float:
return _stat(path_or_fd, follow_symlinks=follow).st_mtime
def file_mtime_or_zero(path_or_fd:str, *, follow:bool) -> float:
try: return file_mtime(path_or_fd, follow=follow)
except FileNotFoundError: return 0
def is_dir(path_or_fd:Path, *, follow:bool, raises=False) -> Optional[bool]:
try: s = _stat(path_or_fd, follow_symlinks=follow)
except FileNotFoundError:
if raises: raise
return None
return s.st_mode&TYPE_MASK == S_IFDIR
def is_file(path_or_fd:Path, *, follow:bool, raises=False) -> Optional[bool]:
try: s = _stat(path_or_fd, follow_symlinks=follow)
except FileNotFoundError:
if raises: raise
return None
return s.st_mode&TYPE_MASK == S_IFREG
def is_file_executable_by_owner(path_or_fd:Path, *, follow:bool=True) -> bool:
return bool(file_permissions(path_or_fd, follow=follow) & S_IXUSR)
def is_link(path_or_fd:Path, *, raises=False) -> Optional[bool]:
try: s = _stat(path_or_fd, follow_symlinks=False)
except FileNotFoundError:
if raises: raise
return None
return s.st_mode&TYPE_MASK == S_IFLNK
def is_link_to_dir(path_or_fd:Path, *, raises=False) -> Optional[bool]:
return is_link(path_or_fd, raises=raises) and is_dir(path_or_fd, follow=True, raises=raises)
def is_link_to_file(path_or_fd:Path, *, raises=False) -> Optional[bool]:
return is_link(path_or_fd, raises=raises) and is_file(path_or_fd, follow=True, raises=raises)
def is_mount(path_or_fd:Path, *, follow:bool=True, raises=False) -> Optional[bool]:
try: s = _stat(path_or_fd, follow_symlinks=follow)
except FileNotFoundError:
if raises: raise
return None
return s.st_mode&TYPE_MASK == S_IFMT
def path_exists(path_or_fd:Path, *, follow:bool) -> Optional[bool]:
try: _stat(path_or_fd, follow_symlinks=follow)
except FileNotFoundError: return False
else: return True
PERM_MASK = 0o7777
TYPE_MASK = 0o170000
_type_chars = {
S_IFBLK : 'B',
S_IFCHR : 'C',
S_IFDIR : 'D',
S_IFIFO : 'P',
S_IFLNK : 'L',
S_IFREG : 'F', # traditionally '-'.
S_IFSOCK : 'S', # traditionally '-'.
_type_descs = {
S_IFBLK : 'block device',
S_IFCHR : 'character device',
S_IFDIR : 'directory',
S_IFIFO : 'named pipe',
S_IFLNK : 'link',
S_IFREG : 'file',
S_IFSOCK : 'socket',
_perm_chars = (
('u:', (
(S_IRUSR, 'r'),
(S_IWUSR, 'w'),
(S_IXUSR, 'x'))),
('g:', (
(S_IRGRP, 'r'),
(S_IWGRP, 'w'),
(S_IXGRP, 'x'))),
('o:', (
(S_IROTH, 'r'),
(S_IWOTH, 'w'),
(S_IXOTH, 'x'))),
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