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# Dedicated to the public domain under CC0:
import inspect
from inspect import FrameInfo
from types import FunctionType
from typing import Any, Callable, List, Optional, Tuple, TypeVar
def bindings_matching(prefix:str=None, val_type:type=None, strip_prefix=True, frame='<module>') -> List[Tuple[str, Any]]:
Return (name, value) pairs of bindings from the specified frame,
that match the specified prefix and type filters.
Frame must be either an int (depth; immediate caller is 1),
or a string (the name of the target frame's function, or '<module>', the default).
stack = inspect.stack()
info: Optional[FrameInfo]
if isinstance(frame, int):
info = stack[frame]
elif isinstance(frame, str):
info = None
for info in stack:
if info.function == frame:
if info is None:
raise ValueError('call stack does not contain a matching frame: {}'.format(frame))
raise TypeError("frame parameter must be either an int (depth; immediate caller is 1), "
"or a string (the name of the target frame's function, or '<module>', the default).")
bindings = info.frame.f_locals
pairs = []
for name, value in bindings.items():
if all((
prefix is None or name.startswith(prefix),
val_type is None or isinstance(value, val_type),
if prefix and strip_prefix:
name = name[len(prefix):]
pairs.append((name, value))
return pairs
def dispatcher_for_names(prefix:str=None, default_name:str=None, default_fn:Callable=None, **renames:str) -> Callable:
'Creates a dispatcher function for functions starting with prefix.'
assert prefix
bindings = { renames.get(name, name) : fn
for name, fn in bindings_matching(prefix=prefix, val_type=FunctionType, frame='<module>') }
if default_name is not None:
if default_fn is not None:
raise ValueError('default_name and default_fn cannot both be specified.')
default_fn = bindings[default_name]
def dispatch_fn(name, *args, **kwargs):
fn = bindings[name]
except KeyError:
if default_fn is None: raise
fn = default_fn
return fn(*args, **kwargs)
return dispatch_fn
_A = TypeVar('_A', bound=Any)
def rename(obj:_A, name:str) -> _A:
'Returns a renamed object.'
obj.__name__ = name
obj.__qualname__ = name
return obj
def main_file_path() -> str:
'Returns the main file path.'
import __main__ # type: ignore # mypy bug.
path: str = __main__.__file__
return path