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#| copyright
See the file COPYING for details
(defpackage #:metatilities-base-system (:use #:asdf #:common-lisp))
(in-package #:metatilities-base-system)
(defsystem metatilities-base
:author "Gary Warren King <>"
:version "0.6.3"
:maintainer "Gary Warren King <>"
:licence "MIT Style license"
:description "These are's Common Lisp basic utilities."
:long-description "These are's Common Lisp basic utilities and what not."
:components ((:module
:pathname "dev/"
((:file "package")))
:depends-on ("setup")
((:file "api")
(:file "l0-utils"
:depends-on ("api"))
(:file "l0-strings"
:depends-on ("api"))
(:file "l0-macros"
:depends-on ("api" "l0-utils"))
(:file "l0-arrays"
:depends-on ("api"))
(:file "l0-clos"
:depends-on ("api"))
(:file "l0-files"
:depends-on ("api" "l0-macros"))
(:file "l0-time"
:depends-on ("l0-macros"))
(:file "set-equal"
:depends-on ("api"))
(:file "generic-lisp"
:depends-on ("api"))
(:file "generic-interface"
:depends-on ("api" "generic-lisp" "l0-macros"))
(:file "defclass-star"
:depends-on ("api" "l0-macros"))
(:file "copy-file")
(:file "define-class"
:depends-on ("api" "defclass-star"))))
:in-order-to ((test-op (load-op metatilities-base-test)))
:perform (test-op :after (op c)
(funcall (intern (symbol-name '#:run-tests) :lift)
:config :generic)))
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