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Added pathname-samep

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1 parent 68a1eba commit dab04ac136f6da5e94cdca1ce14ed9613e2d9087 @gwkkwg committed
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9 dev/l0-files.lisp
@@ -73,6 +73,15 @@
:directory `(,@(pathname-directory pathname)
,(namestring (pathname-name+type pathname))))))
+(defun pathname-samep (p1 p2)
+ "Returns true if the logical translations of `p1` and `p2` have
+the same (`string=`) namestrings."
+ (and p1 p2
+ (typep p1 '(or string pathname))
+ (typep p2 '(or string pathname))
+ (string= (namestring (translate-logical-pathname p1))
+ (namestring (translate-logical-pathname p2)))))
(defgeneric make-stream-from-specifier (specifier direction &rest args)
(:documentation "Create and return a stream from specifier, direction and any other argsuments"))
1 dev/package.lisp
@@ -320,6 +320,7 @@
+ #:pathname-samep

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