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#| copyright
See the file COPYING for details
(defpackage :metatilities-system (:use #:asdf #:cl))
(in-package :metatilities-system)
;; try hard
;; no, too weird
(unless (find-system 'asdf-system-connections nil)
(when (find-package 'asdf-install)
(funcall (intern (symbol-name :install) :asdf-install)
;; give up with a useful (?) error message
(unless (find-system 'asdf-system-connections nil)
(print "The metatilities system works best with asdf-system-connections. See for details and download
;; now try again
(when (find-system 'asdf-system-connections nil)
(operate 'load-op 'asdf-system-connections))
(defsystem metatilities
:author "Gary Warren King <>"
:version "0.6.18"
:maintainer "Gary Warren King <>"
:licence "MIT Style license"
:description "These are the rest of's Common Lisp utilities"
:long-description "These are the rest of's Common Lisp utilities and what not."
:properties ((:ait-timeout . 10)
(:system-applicable-p . 3))
:components ((:module
:pathname #.(make-pathname
:directory '(:relative "dev" "utilities"))
((:file "package-additional")
(:file "graham"
:depends-on ("package-additional"))
(:file "dates-and-times"
:depends-on ("macros" "package-additional"))
(:file "files"
:depends-on ("graham" "macros"))
(:file "macros"
:depends-on ("package-additional"))
(:file "sequences"
:depends-on ("package-additional"))
(:file "spy"
:depends-on ("package-additional" "macros"))
(:file "strings"
:depends-on ("package-additional"))
(:file "utilities"
:depends-on ("macros" "graham"))
(:file "searching"
:depends-on ("package-additional"))
(:file "views-and-windows"
:depends-on ("package-additional"))))
:pathname #.(concatenate
'string "dev/"
(or #+OpenMCL "openmcl"
#+DIGITOOL "mcl"
#+SBCL "sbcl"
#+allegro "allegro"
#-(or OpenMCL DIGITOOL SBCL allegro)
:components ((:file "generic-lisp")
#+DIGITOOL (:file "pop-up-menu")
(:file "generic-interface-support"
:depends-on ("generic-lisp"
#+DIGITOOL "pop-up-menu"))))
((:module "source"
:components ((:static-file ""))))))
:in-order-to ((test-op (load-op metatilities-test)))
:perform (test-op :after (op c)
(intern (symbol-name '#:run-tests) :lift)
:config :generic))
:depends-on ((:version :metatilities-base "0.6.0")
(defmethod operation-done-p
((o test-op)
(c (eql (find-system 'metatilities))))
(values nil))
(asdf:defsystem-connection lift-and-metatilities
:requires (lift metatilities-base)
:perform (load-op :after (op c)
(use-package (find-package :lift)
(find-package :metatilities))
(funcall (intern
(symbol-name :export-exported-symbols)
:lift :metatilities)))