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;;; configuration for LIFT tests
;; settings
(:if-dribble-exists :supersede)
(:dribble "lift.dribble")
(:print-length 10)
(:print-level 5)
(:print-test-case-names t)
;; suites to run
;; report properties
(:report-property :title "Metatilities | Test results")
(:report-property :relative-to metatilities-test)
(:report-property :style-sheet "test-style.css")
(:report-property :if-exists :supersede)
(:report-property :format :html)
(:report-property :name "test-results/test-report.html")
(:report-property :unique-name t)
(:report-property :unique-name t)
(:report-property :format :describe)
(:report-property :name "test-results/test-report.txt")
(:report-property :format :save)
(:report-property :name "test-results/test-report.sav")
(:report-property :format :describe)
(:report-property :full-pathname *standard-output*)
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