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moved file-newer-than-file-p from here to metatilities-base

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1 parent 7439485 commit ae0dc3f0a79085822abfe6cbfe07666ca29b6c6d @gwkkwg committed Jun 21, 2008
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@@ -232,15 +232,6 @@ source."
(when ,close-stream?
(close ,stream)))))))
-(defun file-newer-than-file-p (file1 file2)
- "Compares the write dates of `file1' and `file' and returns T if `file' is newer than
-`file2' or if it cannot be determined. `file1' is usually the source file and `file2'
-the object file."
- ;; File write dates default to 0 and 1 so that if they can't be
- ;; determined, the file is recompiled, just to be safe.
- (< (or (file-write-date file2) 0)
- (or (file-write-date file1) 1)))
#+(and mcl (not openmcl))
(defun fix-type-and-creator (&optional (wildcarded-file-spec (choose-directory-question)))
(map-files (ensure-wild-file-spec wildcarded-file-spec)

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