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(in-package #:trivial-shell)
#-(or win32 (not sb-thread))
(defun %shell-command (command input #+(or) output)
(with-input (input-stream (or input :none))
(let* ((process (sb-ext:run-program
(list "-c" command)
:wait nil :input input-stream
:output :stream
:error :stream))
(output-thread (sb-thread:make-thread
#'(lambda ()
(sb-impl::process-output process)))))
(error-thread (sb-thread:make-thread
#'(lambda ()
(sb-impl::process-error process))))))
(let ((error-code
(sb-impl::process-exit-code (sb-impl::process-wait process)))
(output-string (sb-thread:join-thread output-thread))
(error-string (sb-thread:join-thread error-thread)))
(close (sb-impl::process-output process))
(close (sb-impl::process-error process))
(values output-string error-string error-code)))))
#+(or win32 (not sb-thread))
(defun %shell-command (command input #+(or) output)
(%shell-command-using-temporary-file command input))
(defun %shell-command-using-temporary-file (command input)
(when input
(error "This version of trivial-shell does not support the input parameter."))
(let ((output (open-temporary-file))
(error (open-temporary-file)))
(let ((process
(list "-c" (format nil "~a > ~a 2> ~a"
(namestring output)
(namestring error)))
:wait t
:input nil
:output nil
:error nil)))
(let ((error-code (sb-impl::process-exit-code
(sb-impl::process-wait process)))
(output-string (read-temporary-file output))
(error-string (read-temporary-file error)))
(values output-string error-string error-code)))
;; cleanup
(delete-file output)
(delete-file error))))
(defun open-temporary-file ()
(loop thereis (open (format nil "TEMP-~D" (random 100000))
:direction :probe :if-exists nil
:if-does-not-exist :create))))
(defun read-temporary-file (file-stream)
(with-open-file (stream file-stream)
(let ((buffer (make-array (file-length stream)
:element-type 'character)))
(subseq buffer 0 (read-sequence buffer stream)))))
(defun create-shell-process (command wait)
(list "-c" command)
:input nil :output :stream :error :stream :wait wait))
(defun process-alive-p (process)
(sb-ext:process-alive-p process))
(defun process-exit-code (process)
(sb-ext:process-exit-code process))
(defun %os-process-id ()
(error 'unsupported-function-error :function 'os-process-id))
(defun %get-env-var (name)
(sb-ext:posix-getenv name))
(defun symbol-if-external (name package)
(multiple-value-bind (symbol s) (find-symbol name package)
(when (eq s :external)
(defun %exit (code)
(let ((exit-sym (symbol-if-external "EXIT" "SB-EXT")))
(if exit-sym
(funcall exit-sym :code code)
(let ((quit-sym (symbol-if-external "QUIT" "SB-EXT")))
(if quit-sym
(funcall quit-sym :unix-status code :recklessly-p t)
(error "SBCL version without EXIT or QUIT."))))))