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;;;; -*- Mode: Lisp; Syntax: ANSI-Common-Lisp; Base: 10 -*-
(in-package #:metashell)
(defgeneric file-to-string-as-lines (pathname)
(:documentation ""))
(defmethod file-to-string-as-lines ((pathname pathname))
(with-open-file (stream pathname :direction :input)
(file-to-string-as-lines stream)))
(defmethod file-to-string-as-lines ((stream stream))
(with-output-to-string (s)
(loop for line = (read-line stream nil :eof nil)
until (eq line :eof) do
(princ line s)
(terpri s))))
(defmethod shell-command ((command pathname) &key input)
(shell-command (namestring command) :input input))
(defmethod shell-command ((command t) &key input)
"Synchronously execute `command` using a Bourne-compatible shell,
returns (values output error-output exit-status).
The `command` can be a full path to a shell executable binary
or just its name. In the later case, the variable `*shell-search-paths*`
will be used to find the executable.
Depending on the implementation, the variable `*bourne-compatible-shell*`
may be used to find a shell to use in executing `command`."
(let* ((pos-/ (position #\/ command))
(pos-space (find-command-ending-in-string command))
(binary (subseq command 0 (or pos-space)))
(args (and pos-space (subseq command pos-space))))
(when (or (not pos-/)
(and pos-/ pos-space)
(and pos-space
(< pos-/ pos-space)))
;; no slash in the command portion, try to find the command with
;; our path
(setf binary
(or (loop for path in *shell-search-paths* do
(let ((full-binary (make-pathname :name binary
:defaults path)))
(when (and (probe-file full-binary)
(directory-pathname-p full-binary))
(return full-binary))))
(multiple-value-bind (output error status)
(%shell-command (format nil "~a~@[ ~a~]" binary args) input)
(values output error status))))
(defun find-command-ending-in-string (command)
(let ((checking? t))
(loop for ch across command
for i from 0 do
(cond ((and checking? (char= ch #\Space))
(return i))
((char= ch #\\)
(setf checking? nil))
(setf checking? t))))))
(defun os-process-id ()
"Return the process-id of the currently executing OS process."
(defun get-env-var (name)
"Return the value of the environment variable `name`."
(%get-env-var name))
(defun exit (&optional (code :success))
"Exit the process. CODE is either a numeric exit code, or the special values :SUCCESS
or :FAILURE, which maps to the appropriate exit codes for the operating system."
;; Currently, :SUCCESS always maps to 0 and :FAILURE maps to 1
(%exit (cond ((eq code :success) 0)
((eq code :failure) 1)
((integerp code) code)
(t (error "Illegal exit code: ~s (should be an integer or the values :SUCCESS or :FAILURE)" code)))))