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(in-package #:com.metabang.trivial-shell)
(defparameter *os-alist*
'((:windows :windows :mswindows :win32)
(:sun :solaris :sunos)
(:osx :macosx :darwin :apple)
(:linux :freebsd :netbsd :openbsd :bsd :linux :unix)))
(defun host-os ()
(dolist (mapping *os-alist*)
(destructuring-bind (os &rest features) mapping
(dolist (f features)
(when (find f *features*) (return-from host-os os))))))
(defun os-pathname (pathname &key (os (os)))
(namestring pathname))
(defun directory-pathname-p (pathname)
"Does `pathname` syntactically represent a directory?
A directory-pathname is a pathname _without_ a filename. The three
ways that the filename components can be missing are for it to be `nil`,
`:unspecific` or the empty string.
(flet ((check-one (x)
(not (null (member x '(nil :unspecific "")
:test 'equal)))))
(and (check-one (pathname-name pathname))
(check-one (pathname-type pathname)))))
;; from asdf-install
(defun tar-argument (arg)
"Given a filename argument for tar, massage it into our guess of the
correct form based on the feature list."
#-(or :win32 :mswindows :scl)
(namestring (truename arg))
(ext:unix-namestring (truename arg))
;; Here we assume that if we're in Windows, we're running Cygwin,
;; and cygpath is available. We call out to cygpath here rather than
;; using shell backquoting. Relying on the shell can cause a host of
;; problems with argument quoting, so we won't assume that
;; RETURN-OUTPUT-FROM-PROGRAM will use a shell. [dwm]
#+(or :win32 :mswindows)
(with-input-from-string (s (return-output-from-program
(find-program "cygpath.exe")
(list (namestring (truename arg)))))
(values (read-line s))))