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<?xml version="1.0"?>
<ruleset name="customruleset">
Rulesets currently honored by Tinfour.
<rule ref="rulesets/java/basic.xml"/>
<rule ref="rulesets/java/sunsecure.xml"/>
<rule ref="rulesets/java/braces.xml"/>
<rule ref="rulesets/java/imports.xml">
<exclude name="TooManyStaticImports" />
<rule ref="rulesets/java/design.xml">
<exclude name="UseVarargs" />
<exclude name="GodClass" />
<exclude name="FieldDeclarationsShouldBeAtStartOfClass" />
<exclude name="UseLocaleWithCaseConversions" />
<!-- TODO: Revisit optimitization rules, right now a lot of violations.
Try this when you have time to test whether they actually matter
by using the TwinBuildTest. I suspect all the "could be final" rules
are resolved by the compiler anyway. -->
<rule ref="rulesets/java/optimizations.xml">
<exclude name="LocalVariableCouldBeFinal" />
<exclude name="MethodArgumentCouldBeFinal" />
<exclude name="PrematureDeclaration" />
<rule ref="rulesets/java/imports.xml">
<exclude name="TooManyStaticImports" />
<rule ref="rulesets/java/unusedcode.xml">
<exclude name="UnusedModifier" />
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