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A dynamic inventory script for Scaleway instances in Ansible

This script uses the Scaleway API to generate a dynamic inventory that Ansible understands. This can be used to manage your instances.

Getting started

Simply clone this repository and copy the script to a location in your PATH.

$ git clone
$ cd scw_inventory
$ sudo cp scw_credentials.ini /usr/local/bin

This script requires python 3 and the scaleway SDK. python 3 can be installed using your Linux distribution's package manager. Scaleway SDK can be installed via pip

$ sudo pip3 install scaleway-sdk

The script can be run from command line without ansible to test functionality.

$ --list


Edit /usr/local/bin/scw_inventory.ini in your favorite editor and set auth_token to you Scaleway AUTH_TOKEN.


If you wish to contribute: * fork this repository * clone your fork * make your updates * commit and push * submit a pull request


The code in this project is licensed under MIT license.