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* Lithium: the most rad php framework
* @copyright Copyright 2010, Union of RAD (
* @license The BSD License
namespace app\controllers;
* This controller is used for serving static pages by name, which are located in the `/views/pages`
* folder.
* A Lithium application's default routing provides for automatically routing and rendering
* static pages using this controller. The default route (`/`) will render the `home` template, as
* specified in the `view()` action.
* Additionally, any other static templates in `/views/pages` can be called by name in the URL. For
* example, browsing to `/pages/about` will render `/views/pages/about.html.php`, if it exists.
* Templates can be nested within directories as well, which will automatically be accounted for.
* For example, browsing to `/pages/about/company` will render
* `/views/pages/about/company.html.php`.
class PagesController extends \lithium\action\Controller {
public function view() {
$path = func_get_args() ?: array('home');
return $this->render(array('template' => join('/', $path)));