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Responsive wizard with expanding sub steps for Bootstrap 3
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BootstrapWizard - v0.1

Responsive Bootstrap 3 Wizard

Designed as a clean wizard to be used in a Bootstrap Panel, a Modal, etc.



<div class="wizard">
    <ul class="nav nav-wizard">
            <a href="#step1">Step 1</a>
    <div class="wizard-pane" id="step1">
        <h3>Step 1</h3>


widthnumericnullwidth of the wizard
heightnumeric300height of wizard
cancelButtonbooleanfalsedisplay the cancel button
footerButtonsbooleantruedisplay the footer buttons
progressBarbooleantruedisplay the progress bar
  cancel: "Cancel",
  next: "Next",
  back: "Back",
  submit: "Submit",
text for the buttons


markAllVisitedmark all nav items as visited
serializeserialize all the form data


event typedescription
show.bwfired when a nav is selected but has not yet been displayed
submit.bwfires when the submit button is clicked

Inspired by Andrew Moffat's Bootstrap Application Wizard

Sub step collapse credit to Osman Nuri Okumuş MetisMenu

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