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Shouldn't mergedWebXml have an expression? #32

sixcorners opened this Issue May 17, 2012 · 1 comment

2 participants

We are supposed to set maven.war.webxml to whatever mergedWebXml is set to but I can't get that value pragmatically. Shouldn't it have an expression?

gwt-maven-plugin member
tbroyer commented Jul 16, 2012

AFAICT, expressions are for setting values only, so I don't think it'd help you here.

You'd either:

  • put the same value in both configurations
  • use ${maven.war.plugin} as the value for mergedWebXml
  • or use the property of your choice and use it as the value for both mergedWebXml and the maven-war-plugin's webXml configuration.
@tbroyer tbroyer closed this Jul 16, 2012
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