gwt-test-utils is a Java framework that allows to test GWT client side code in a efficient, easy way

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gwt-test-utils is a Java testing framework for GWT applications. It provides a simple way to write fast Java tests for your GWT client code, without GWTTestCase or any servlet container instance! This means you are able to use any Java tool without restriction: JUnit, reflection, Easymock, Mockito, etc.

Writing tests looks like:

public void clickOnButtonShouldDisplayMessageInLabel() {
  // Arrange
  SampleView view = new SampleView();
  // ensure the label is not visible at init
  // Act: simulate a click event;
  // Assert: label should be visible and filled
  assertThat(view.label).isVisible().textEquals("The button was clicked!");

If you want to write fast tests which will still deal with your GWT view layout and simulate browser events on your widgets easily, you really should consider this framework. The Getting Started page would be a good way to start ;-)


  • GWT code unit testing with small execution time (no hosted mode / browser launched in the background)
  • Simulation for browser's events (click, blur, change, ...)
  • Fluent interface for assertions on widgets, based on assertj
  • Mocks handling using Mockito or EasyMock
  • Standard maven-surefire-plugin support for testing with Maven
  • Support for GWT + Spring application testing
  • Support for GWT + Guice application testing
  • Support for GWT + GIN application testing, with Jukito if wanted
  • Support for JUnitParams
  • Complex use-case testing using CSV-based scenarios
  • Extensibility through the use of custom patchs


Whether you want to...

  • Use gwt-test-utils to test your GWT application
  • Make your custom widgets testable with the framework
  • Contribute code

... you'll find everything you need in the wiki.


Here are the features we are working on, ordered by priority (which is not frozen) :

In addition, we are daily improving the existing gwt-test-utils features. To perfect it, we need your feedback !


For any question, feedback or contribution, please contact use through the user group.

You can also follow the day-to-day evolution of the framework and communicate on it through Twitter : #GwtTestUtils