Demonstration of recurrent neural network implemented with Theano
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Demonstration of recurrent neural network implemented with Theano


  • Theano
  • Scikit-learn This relies on scikits-learn simply because I subclass their BaseEstimator class, but this dependency could easily be removed.
  • A reasonably good Python distribution with numpy and scipy. I recommend Enthought because it is heavily optimized and it has a free academic license.
  • If you want to use the Hessian-Free optimizer then you will also need: theano-hf


  • : this is the most basic implementation of a "vanilla" RNN. It is designed for readability. It processes each sequence at a time. There are three test functions which show how to train an RNN with real-valued, binary or softmax outputs using stochastic gradient descent.
  • : this is similar to but it is slightly more complicated code and processes multiple sequences at once for speed (i.e. in "mini-batches"). It also hooks into scipy.optimize to use more sophisticated optimization methods. It again includes three test functions based on output type.
  • this uses the class defined by but instead of training it with stochastic gradient descent, it trains it with Martens and Sutskever's variant of Hessian-Free optimization.

Other implementations

There are other Theano rnn implementations publicly available, for example: