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Add icons from Font-Awesome-More project #240

p4inkiller opened this Issue September 01, 2012 · 2 comments

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p4inkiller Keisuke Oohashi


Just found this project on github:

It adds many new and cool looking icons to Font Awesome.
There are some new social icons in there that I'd really need to use (for example, Yahoo).

It would be really cool if you could merge them into gwt-bootstrap, as it would give us many new great looking icons.

Keisuke Oohashi

Hi @p4inkiller .

I think gwt-bootstrap already is big....
I don't think we should not include all other bootstrap project.
Because If Font-Awesome-More-More-More is released?.......should we include?

I plan implement way of using custom icon like this.
or it will be provided like gwt-bootstrap-plugin

Keisuke Oohashi

I added setCustomIconStyle method to HasIcon interface and this implementions.
You can use Font-Awesome-More icon classes by using this method like <b:Button customIconStyle="icon-***"> in ui binder , if you need.

Keisuke Oohashi soundTricker closed this September 14, 2012
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