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add query for native script title form #22

dchud opened this Issue · 8 comments

2 participants

Dan Chudnov Michael Cummings
Dan Chudnov

Either implement in launchpad-perl or include the necessary info here.

Michael Cummings cummingsm was assigned
Michael Cummings

Pushed demo script to launchpad-perl repository. Sent MARC function documentation to group. Will implement in launchpad-perl.

Dan Chudnov dchud was assigned
Dan Chudnov

query works, but there's a problem with django's environment talking to oracle.

Dan Chudnov

I've narrowed down the problem to django's opinionated forcing of the environment var NLS_LANG to '.UTF8'. Due to the way voyager stores data in oracle, we need it to be set to '.US7ASCII', but Django is overriding attempts to change this using os.environ.

More details w/examples of the problem:

Examples of resistance from django committers to change their opinion:

Trying the "recompile cx_oracle with WITH_UNICODE" option, but i don't think that will even help, because the problem is that we need NLS_LANG = '.US7ASCII'.

Dan Chudnov

Works after a patch to django's oracle driver:

diff --git a/django/db/backends/oracle/ b/django/db/backends/oracle/base.
index 64e038e..9ce2797 100644
--- a/django/db/backends/oracle/
+++ b/django/db/backends/oracle/
@@ -32,7 +32,7 @@ def _setup_environment(environ):

     # Oracle takes client-side character set encoding from the environment.
-    ('NLS_LANG', '.UTF8'),
+    ('NLS_LANG', '.US7ASCII'),
     # This prevents unicode from getting mangled by getting encoded into the
     # potentially non-unicode database character set.

but this is not a good solution.

Michael Cummings
Dan Chudnov

We might need to ship with the django patch approach.

I re-opened a similar django ticket at

Dan Chudnov dchud closed this issue from a commit
Dan Chudnov dchud adding support for native title display, including tweak to django so…
…urce documented in README, closes #22
Dan Chudnov dchud closed this in 77301f3
Dan Chudnov dchud referenced this issue from a commit
Dan Chudnov dchud resolving conflicts, refs #22 49fcd83
Dan Chudnov

update w/r/to django ticket: see also for possible movement in the right direction.

Dan Chudnov dchud referenced this issue from a commit
Dan Chudnov dchud revisited annoying django-patching strategy for handling Voyager insi…
…stence on ASCII connections, fixes #345, refs #22
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