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Release Notes

Release notes for the official SFM releases. Each release note will tell you what’s new in each version, and will also describe any backwards-incompatible changes made in that version.

For those upgrading to a new version of SFM, you will need to check all the backwards-incompatible changes and deprecated features for each ‘final’ release from the one after your current SFM version, up to and including the new version.

Final Releases:

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   m5_004 release notes <m5_004_release_notes>
   m5_003 release notes <m5_003_release_notes>
   m5_002 release notes <m5_002_release_notes>
   m5_001 release notes <m5_001_release_notes>
   m4_002 release notes <m4_002_release_notes>
   m4_001 release notes <m4_001_release_notes>