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Scrape URIs from Telegram channel transcripts in PDF files
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Scrapes URIs from Telegram channel transcripts in PDF files. Typically URIs will take the form of something like these examples:



Running the program

usage: `python transcript`

positional arguments:
  transcript         filepath to transcript pdf or directory

optional arguments:
  None yet...

Output file

urls.xlsx - All found URIs, including columns/variables as follows:

  • File: PDF file processed
  • Access_Date: Date/time the program was run. May be important for documenting when the program attempted to resolve URIs
  • Post_Date: Date of the post, as derived from the date labels in the Telegram transcript
  • URL: URL as found
  • Site_Reached: True/False - whether the URI was able to be resolved
  • Unshortened URL: Unshortened URL (e.g. -> unshortens to )
  • Status: Error code, if an error was encountered in trying to access the URI
  • Type: Classification of the link
  • Hashtag: Hashtag, if the link is a Telegram hashtag link
  • Channel: Channel, if the link is a Telegram join link
  • Account: Account, if the link is a Telegram account link
  • Domain: Full server daomain (e.g.
  • Primary_Secondary: Just the primary and secondary portions of the domain (e.g.
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