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Headless chrome tabs manage pool, concept come from database connection pool for reuse chrome tab improve performance.


1. install from npm by npm i chrome-pool

2. start ChromePool:

const ChromePool = require('chrome-pool');

const chromePoll = await ChromePool.new(options);
await chromePoll.destroyPoll();

await ChromePool.new() will make a new ChromePool and start a new chrome. A ChromePool means a chrome.

static method new() support options:

  • maxTab: {number} max tab to render pages, default is no limit.
  • port: {number} chrome debug port, default is random a free port.
  • chromeRunnerOptions: {object} options from chrome-runner and will pass to chrome-runner when launch chrome
  • protocols: {array} require chrome devtool protocol to be enable before use. e.g ['Network','Log'].

await chromePoll.destroyPoll() can release all resource used by this pool, kill chrome.

3. require a tab to use:

// require a free tab from pool to use
const { tabId,protocol } = await chromePoll.require();
// tabId
const { Page,Target,Network,...} = protocol;

await chromePoll.require() will return a object with prop:

  • tabId: chrome tab id.
  • protocol: chrome remote control protocol.

4. use protocol to control tab:

const { Page,Target,Network,...} = protocol;

protocol detail use see chrome-devtools-protocol doc. all protocol required be enable before use has been enable by chrome-pool.

5. after use a tab release it to pool:

await chromePoll.release(tabId);

release will release all resource used by this tab include removeAllListeners, so you don't need to removeListener by yourself. By default release will navigate tab to about:blank to reduce chrome resource use, you can close this feature by call chromePoll.release(tabId,false)

6. show chrome

In dev time, you may want to know what chrome are doing rather than let chrome run in headless. You can set env SHOW_CHROME=true when run your nodejs app to disable headless to debug chrome.

see test for more use case.

Notice chrome 59+ must install on you system