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Web page auto tester with headless chrome


const Tester = require('chrome-tester');
const tester = new Tester();
await tester.init();
const job = {
  url: 'https://ke.qq.com',
  tests: [
      des: 'succ test',
      script: `return true`
      des: 'fail test',
      script: `throw 1`
const executor = await tester.exec(job);
executor.on('test-pass', (test, value) => {
  assert.equal(test.des, 'succ test');
  assert.equal(value, true);
executor.on('test-failed', (test, exceptionDetails) => {
  assert.equal(test.des, 'fail test');
  assert.equal(exceptionDetails.exception.value, 1);
await executor.wait();
const dom = await executor.getDOM();
await tester.destroy();
  • tester.init(): await tester be ready
  • tester.exec(job): run a test job, this will return a executor used to listen on some events
  • await executor.wait(): await until all unit tests job has done
  • await executor.getDOM(): get page current dom node
  • tester.destroy(): destroy this tester, close chrome, release resource

tester.exec options

  • url {string}: required, web page url
  • referrer {string}: http request referrer header
  • cookies {Object}: http request cookies
  • headers {Object}: http request headers
  • injectScript {string}: inject script to exec after domContentEventFired
  • tests {Array}: unit tests will run after injectScript has been inject, tests will be run one by one in order element in tests should be:
        script {string}: unit test script content,
        ... other props

executor events table

  • log: chrome console out
  • error: window.onerror | unhandledrejection
  • test-pass: unit test exec complete
  • test-failed: unit test exec complete
  • done: exec complete
  • pageload-failed: page cant load
  • network-failed: Network.loadingFailed event
  • network-received: Network.loadingFailed event

see unit test for more use case.