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Chinese Text Segmenter

This is a tool I've written in the processing of trying to learn Mandarin. It segments a text into words, allowing to calculate the most common words which occur in a a given book. It can also sort these words normalized by their general frequency, to give a list of the words which are common in that book but not common generally.


Run python install to install. This requires having Python 2.


Note that this program expects UTF-8 input files. For files in GB18030 format (commonly used in china), the command iconv -f GB18030 -t utf-8 can be used to convert them.

The following commands can be run:

  • zhtext segment FILE: Determines the word boundaries in a given chinese text and outputs that text with the words separated by spaces.
  • zhtext words FILE: Using the same word segmentation algorithm, outputs the most common words in a given text, along with how many times each occurs.