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How to contribute

We welcome contributions from the community and are pleased to have them. Please follow this guide when logging issues or making code changes.

Logging Issues

All issues should be created using the new issue form. Clearly describe the issue including steps to reproduce if there are any. Also, make sure to indicate the earliest version that has the issue being reported.

Patching Code

Code changes are welcome and should follow the guidelines below.

  • Fork the repository on GitHub.
  • Fix the issue ensuring that your code follows the standard style guide.
  • Add tests for your new code ensuring that you have 100% code coverage (we can help you reach 100% but will not merge without it).
    • Run npm test to generate a report of test and its coverage [TODO]
  • Pull requests should be made to the master branch.

Current code coverage can be found here

How to write a commit message


To have a clean and clear changelog on each release, you must follow these rules writing a commit message. Commit messages must be in English, and have to be formatted like this to be listed in the changelog:

[category] : description

If you don't want to see the commit in the changelog, please use the comment mark "// " before your message:

// [category] : description

or this if you cannot classify your commit in a category:

// description


  • [-] : A bug fix. It's not a feature removal (we don't remove feature, but we can depreciate them instead)
  • [*] : An improvement. On an existing feature.
  • [+] : A new feature. This type is quite important for visibility.
  • [~] : A feature deprecation. When a feature has to be removed in several version. Most often in the next major version.
  • [#] : A technical change that does not impact the software features, but that impact developers' way to work (scripts to deploy npm and others). Reserved to the owners of the repository, thanks :)

If you think your commit could match more than one type, then you should split your commit in two commit to keep each one atomistic.


Your description must contains a reference to the issue you are working on. Keep simple, clear and short. Tip: If your commit solves an issue, then you must indicate "Closes #XXX" with the right issue number, to auto close and referentiate the issue at the same time the commit is merged through the pull request.