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This repository is a collection of patches to Google's AOSP tree that provide Ethernet support to Android.

The original support is based on the fork from Android-x86 project (see ethernet.diff.tar.gz from page).

The goal of the patchset is to provide a complete Ethernet support to AOSP, from low-level layers to applicative framework. The patchset is hardware independant and only requires the Linux kernel Ethernet driver to be available.

The work has been made publicly available by Alcatel-Lucent and is courtesy of Fabien Brisset and Benjamin Zores.

The patchset provides the following features:

  • Ethernet low-level layer support in AOSP's framework.
  • Settings app modification to allow DHCP/Static configuration by user.
  • Ethernet IP/MAC addresses display in Settings app.
  • StatusBar modification to add Ethernet connectivity status.
  • DNS support.
  • HTTP proxy support.
  • NTP support.
  • Seamless Ethernet connectivity support for all apps, shortcuting WiFi.

Relevant implementation details have been presented in November 2012 at Embedded Linux Conference Europe, Barcelona.

See for additional details and specific information.

This patchset has been developed against Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4_r2.1 branch. It has been fully validated, though its implementation is not neat. The patchset sources are available in the ics/ directory.

Long term goal is to provide a "Google-compliant" implementation instead of an evil hack and push that upstream for complete integration.

Long-term implementation is available (still as a draft so far) for JellyBean 4.2_r1 branch within the jb/ directory.

Feel free to send remarks and suggestions to:

Happy Hacking !