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GXB-Core is the GXChain implementation and command-line interface. Current binary version of the GXB-Core software for ubuntu 14.04 LTS, see here.


Technical document is available here

Getting Started


  1. Build on Ubuntu
  2. Build on OS X
  3. Build on CentOS7


After building, the witness node can be launched with:

    ./programs/witness_node/witness_node --rpc-endpoint="" --max-ops-per-account=0 --partial-operations=true --data-transaction-lifetime=1

The node will automatically create a data directory including a config file. It may take several minutes to fully synchronize the blockchain.

After starting the witness node, in a separate terminal you can run cli_wallet:

 ./programs/cli_wallet/cli_wallet -s ws://

Set your inital password:

new >>> set_password <PASSWORD>
locked >>> unlock <PASSWORD>

To import your wif_key(active key):

unlocked >>> import_key <ACCOUNT NAME> [<WIF_KEY>] true

Import balances:

unlocked >>> import_balance <ACCOUNT NAME> [<WIF_KEY>] true

Transferring Currency:

unlocked >>> transfer <FROM ACCOUNT> <TO ACCOUNT> 100 GXC "" true

If you send private keys over this connection, rpc-endpoint should be bound to localhost for security.

Use help to see all available wallet commands.

Smart Contract Getting Started

Create Contract

create contract use gxx:

gxx -n helloworld

build contract:

gxx -g helloworld/helloworld.abi helloworld/helloworld.cpp

generate wast:

gxx -o helloworld/helloworld.wast helloworld/helloworld.cpp

generate abi:

gxx -g helloworld/helloworld.abi helloworld/helloworld.cpp

Deploy Contract

You can deploy and call contract with cli_wallet.

unlocked >>> deploy_contract helloworld nathan 0 0 ./helloworld GXC true

Call Contract

unlocked >>> call_contract nathan helloworld null hi "{\"user\":\"albert\"}" GXC true

Smart Contract QuickStart for testnet, see here


Report bugs, issues using GitHub issues.

Technical support is also available in the GXS forum


GXB-Core is under the GNU General Public License v3. See LICENSE.

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