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GXB-Core is the GXChain implementation and command-line interface. Current binary version of the GXB-Core software for ubuntu 14.04 LTS, see here.

API Document

APIs are separated into two categories, namely

  • the Blockchain API which is used to query blockchain data (account, assets, trading history, etc.) and
  • the Wallet API which has your private keys loaded and is required when interacting with the blockchain with new transactions.
  1. Wallet API.

  2. Blockchain API.

Document For Exchange

  1. Document For Exchange(中文)

  2. Document For Exchange(en)

Getting Started


  1. Build on Ubuntu
  2. Build on OS X


After building, the witness node can be launched with:

    ./programs/witness_node/witness_node --rpc-endpoint="" --max-ops-per-account=0 --partial-operations=true --data-transaction-lifetime=1

The node will automatically create a data directory including a config file. It may take several minutes to fully synchronize the blockchain.

After starting the witness node, in a separate terminal you can run cli_wallet:

 ./programs/cli_wallet/cli_wallet -s ws://

Set your inital password:

new >>> set_password <PASSWORD>
locked >>> unlock <PASSWORD>

To import your wif_key(active key):

unlocked >>> import_key <ACCOUNT NAME> [<WIF_KEY>] true

Import balances:

unlocked >>> import_balance <ACCOUNT NAME> [<WIF_KEY>] true

Transferring Currency:

unlocked >>> transfer <FROM ACCOUNT> <TO ACCOUNT> 100 GXC "" true

If you send private keys over this connection, rpc-endpoint should be bound to localhost for security.

Use help to see all available wallet commands.

Smart Contract Getting Started

Create Contract

create contract use gxx:

gxx -n helloworld

build contract:

gxx -g helloworld/helloworld.abi helloworld/helloworld.cpp

generate wast:

gxx -o helloworld/helloworld.wast helloworld/helloworld.cpp

generate abi:

gxx -g helloworld/helloworld.abi helloworld/helloworld.cpp

Deploy Contract

You can deploy and call contract with cli_wallet.

unlocked >>> deploy_contract helloworld nathan 0 0 ./helloworld GXS true

Call Contract

unlocked >>> call_contract nathan helloworld null hi "{\"user\":\"albert\"}" GXS true

Smart Contract QuickStart for testnet, see here


Report bugs, issues using GitHub issues.

Technical support is also available in the GXS forum


GXB-Core is under the GNU General Public License v3. See LICENSE.