This is a protocol upgrade release. all nodes should be upgraded before 2019-01-31 04:00:00 UTC.

New Feature:

  • Support GXChain inter-contract calls
  • GXChain chain resource cost adjustment
  • Add inline_transfer contract api
  • Add get_table_rows_ex db api
  • Witness_node adds state db snapshot
  • Witness_node adds block pruning command line
  • API server supports http mode to send transactions
  • Optimize smart contract debug log output

SHA256 checksum:

  • 9160c4406a18d5265a416d83767767b51994ca790eb35954921e43ffc77d6c82 gxb_1.0.190129-osx.testnet.tar.gz
  • 469c5e4da13f2b8d5ceae572056865d65bb3c3fd70cf1b2573b1efb5483960a1 gxb_1.0.190129-ubuntu-14.04.testnet.tar.gz
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