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@lanhaoxiang lanhaoxiang released this Dec 17, 2020 · 1 commit to master since this release

GXB-Core Release v1.0.201217


This is a hotfix release of GXB-Core Release v1.0.200327, Every node should upgrade to solve block generation issue caused by integer calculation overflow.

Hot fix Commit:

How to Upgrade: Download and replace programs/witness_node/witness_node

Download Link:

Upgrade steps

  1. Download the latest release package, and unzip:
    wget '' -O gxb_1.0.201217-ubuntu-14.04.tar.gz && tar zxvf gxb_1.0.201217-ubuntu-14.04.tar.gz

  2. Stop witness_node:

kill -s SIGINT $(pgrep witness_node)
  1. Restart
# Your original started up script: history|grep witness_node
nohup ./programs/witness_node/witness_node [other-options] # (The parameters are omitted here,each node is started differently)

Note: For a BP, if you cannot produce a block after upgrade, your TrustedNode may have been banned by the system, to solve this problem, open, import your account and do unbanned on the profile tab






  1. 下载解压最新节点程序:
    wget '' -O gxb_1.0.201217-ubuntu-14.04.tar.gz && tar zxvf gxb_1.0.201217-ubuntu-14.04.tar.gz

  2. 安全停止witness_node:

kill -s SIGINT $(pgrep witness_node)
  1. 重启
# 使用原来的启动方式进行启动: history|grep witness_node
nohup ./programs/witness_node/witness_node [other-options]

提示:如果你的是一个出块节点(BP),由于升级不及时可能已经被系统自动关进小黑屋,无法参与出块,可以在 导入账户活跃权限私钥后,在资料页面进行操作,离开小黑屋

SHA256 checksum:

  • dab13eaa4920431a71e5a06d7949effbd3476465d03983b540c05f75a2d27fd0 gxb_1.0.201217-ubuntu-14.04.tar.gz
  • 4f73945a7e34d6c3ed3fd9ba8935b0036e895ddb59eb5f039b6c7f4196a23dfd gxb_1.0.201217-with-plugin-ubuntu-14.04.tar.gz
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