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GXChain explorer(GXChain区块链浏览器)
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GXChain区块浏览器(GXChain Explorer)


GXChain Explorer is a search tool build on GXChain, supporting block search, transaction search, and account search.

任何一方可以无偿使用此浏览器或进行二次开发, 但请注明项目来源:Powered by GXChain

Please keep our copyright "Powered by GXChain" if you want use it for free

Thanks shuang-guo for providing english translation

功能 Function

  • 区块同步 Block synchronization
  • 区块查询 Block search
  • 账户查询 Account search
  • 交易查询 Transaction search
  • 可视化 Visualization
  • 多语言(已添加中文、英文)Multi-language supported(Chinese and English)

环境依赖 System requirement

必要环境(Required): Node 6+

建议系统(Operation system): OSX、Linux

Node环境安装 Install under Node environment

建议使用NVM(Node Version Manager)进行安装: Recommend to use NVM(Node Version Manager)for installation:

curl -o- | bash
. ~/.nvm/
nvm install v6
nvm use v6

克隆项目 Clone project

git clone

依赖安装 Install dependencies

调试模式依赖于babel-node, 在克隆的工程下执行以下命令安装依赖: Test mode depends on babel-node, execute the following commands to install dependencies under cloned engineering mode:

npm install -g babel-node
npm install

开发模式启动 Development mode start

npm start

生产环境启动 Production environment start

NODE_ENV=production node server-dist/index.js

或者使用pm2启动(else use pm2 to start)

NODE_ENV=production pm2 start server-dist/index.js --name gxb-explorer

API说明 API description

1. 根据区块高度获取区块信息 Acquire block information from block_height


2. 根据tx_id获取交易信息 Acquire transaction information from tx_id


3. 根据账户id或账户名获取账户信息 Acquire account information from id or username


4. 根据账户id或账户名获取账户余额 Acquire balance information from id or username


常见问题 FAQ

1. 提示GC Alert GC

区块太大可能导致内存不足, 可以修改BlocksyncTask.js中的sync_block_length,默认值为100(每次同步100个区块)

Block too big may cause insufficient memory, modify sync_block_length in BlocksyncTask.js,default is 100(synchronize 100 blocks everytime)

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