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GXB-UI 1.0

GXB data exchange wallet client-side, functions including transfer, transaction search, block search, account search, data product search, alliance search, merchant and data source authentication are supported

This project was forked form official light wallet of BitShares2.0 bitshares-ui, trade modules were removed, modification based on the need of GXB data exchange, some extra modules were not removed due to dependent coupling issues, will be solved in the following version。


Required: Node 6+

Operation system: OSX、Ubuntu

Recommend to use NVM(Node Version Manager)for installation:

curl -o- | bash
. ~/.nvm/
nvm install v6
nvm use v6

Clone project:

git clone
cd gxb-light

Shift to /web catalog to install dependencies :

cd web
npm install


Develop mode depend on Express and webpack2, after install dependencies, under catalog /web and execute below scripts to start the project:

npm start

open: localhost:8080 or in your browser. Hot reload is supported.


Compile static web page by using commands below

npm run build

Results in the catalog /dist , Deploy through nginx、apache or others based on your preference

Packing wallet installation files

Electron is used to packing the wallet, Windows, OSX, Linux ,and Debian are supported.Execute the following scripts for packing:

cd web
npm run electron
cd ../electron ##First time launch need execute install depend npm install

npm run release

Under different environment, packing corresponding installation package, respectively

Development style

  • bug prioritization

Code style

Airbnb JavaScript Style Guide

We highly recommend to use eslint for formating your code