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A client to interact with gxchain implemented in PHP

Supported Versions

PHP7.0 x64


You can install this library via Composer:

composer require gxchain/gxclient



//init GXClient
new GXClient($private_key, $account_id_or_name, $entry_point);

Keypair API

//generate key pair locally
function generateKey(String $brainKey);
//export public key from private key
function privateToPublic(String $privateKey);
//check if public key is valid
function isValidPublic(String $publicKey);
//check if private key is valid
function isValidPrivate(String $privateKey);

Chain API

//get current blockchain id
function getChainID();
//get dynamic global properties 
function getDynamicGlobalProperties();
//get block object
function getObject(String $object_id);
//get block objects
function getObjects(Array $object_ids);
// get block by block height
function getBlock(Integer $blockHeight);
//send transfer request to entryPoint node
function transfer(String $to, String $memo, String $amount_asset, Boolean $broadcast, String $fee_paying_asset);
//vote for accounts
function vote(Array $accounts, String $fee_paying_asset, Boolean $broadcast);
//broadcast transaction
function broadcast(Object $tx)

Faucet API

//register gxchain account
function register(String $account, String $activeKey, String $ownerKey, String $memoKey, String $faucet);

Account API

// get account info by account name
function getAccount(String $account_name);
//get account_ids by public key
function getAccountByPublicKey(String $publicKey);
//get account balances by account name
function getAccountBalances(String $account_name);

Asset API

//get asset info by symbol
function getAsset(String $symbol);

Contract API

// call smart contract method
function callContract(String $contract_name, String $method_name, Object $params, String $amount_asset, Boolean $broadcast, String $fee_paying_asset);
// create smart contract method
function createContract(String $contract_name, String $code, Object $abi, String $vm_type, String $vm_version, Boolean $broadcast, String $fee_paying_asset);
// update smart contract method
function updateContract(String $contract_name, String $newOwner, String $code, Object $abi, Boolean $broadcast, String $fee_paying_asset);
//get contract table by contract_name
function getContractTable(String $contract_name) 
//get contract abi by contract_name
function getContractABI(String $contract_name) 
public List<Table> getContractTable(String contractName);
//get contract table objects
function getTableObjects(String $contract_name, String $table_name, Integer $start, Integer $limit) 

Staking API

// get staking programs method
function getStakingPrograms();
// create staking method
function createStaking(String $to, Number $amount, String program_id, Boolean $broadcast, Array $options);
// update staking method
function updateStaking(String $to, String $staking_id, Boolean $broadcast, Array $options);
// claim staking method
function claimStaking(String $staking_id, Boolean $broadcast, Array $options) 


require "vendor/autoload.php";

use GXChain\GXClient\GXClient;

$client = new GXClient();

$keyPair = $client->generateKey();


For more examples, please refer to the examples directory.


  • It's very welcome for developers to translate this project into different programing languages
  • We are looking forward to your pull requests