GXChain Improvement Proposals and Protocols.
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GXChain Improvement Proposals(GXChain改进提案)

GXIP stands for GXChain Improvement Proposal. A GXIP is a design document providing information to the GXChain community, or describing a new feature for GXChain or its processes or environment. GXIPs provide a concise technical specification of features and a rationale for them.

GXIP代表GXChain改进提案。 GXIP是一个设计文档,向GXChain社区提供信息,或描述GXChain或其流程或环境的新功能。 GXIPs提供了一个简明的功能技术规范和基本原理。

The distinct document GXIP Purpose and Guidelines gives a more detailed explanation.


Available GXIPs(当前GIP列表)

Number Title Owner Type Status
1 GXIP Purpose and Guidelines albert Informational Draft