Simple Docker container for Aerospike
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AeroSpike Docker

This is a simple Docker container for aerospike that allows you to easily run a single Aerospike instance with no replication. It has a basic configuration for a namespace "db" that is is set to /var/aerospike/ This file is configured to be mounted via a volume and is optimized for SSD drives (and we're running the SSD backed engine for Aerospike).

How to Build

Either run a build command like so:

sudo docker build --no-cache -t andrewcrosio/aerospike-docker:latest .

I recommend using --no-cache to prevent continuing on from steps that may have changed (at least during development).

Or use the make command: `

make build

How to Run

To run, simply create a directory where you want to keep the Aerospike logs and data and run like so:

sudo docker run --rm -v /var/aerospike:/var/aerospike andrewcrosio/aerospike-docker

Ensuring that the directory you are mounting the volume machine on the host actually exists.

Or use the Makefile command:

make run