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Quality Control Tool

The PhenoDCC Quality Control Tool is a web application for carrying out quality control of phenotype data. It provides an interactive user interface through which mouse phenotype data can be visualised, analysed and understood. This tool allows a user to raise any quality control issues (e.g., data transfer errors) before the data is archived at the central data archive hosted at EMBL-EBI.

Screenshot of PhenoDCC QC Tool

Salient features

A few of the features provided by PhenoDCC QC Tool are:

  • It allows a user to view data from multiple centres for multiple parameters.
  • It is a web-based tool which is accessible from anywhere around the world using a modern internet web browser.
  • It provides facilities to select data points and raise issues with a data set.
  • It allows a user to track and discuss issues.
  • It allows a user to track the history of actions that were carried out to a data set.
  • Visualisations and QC issues can be bookmarked and shared.

The PhenoDCC QC Tool is only accessible to registered users.

Please contact us for further details.