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+layout: post
+title: "Privoxy with Macbrew on OSX"
+description: ""
+category: hacking
+tags: [privoxy, osx, proxy, filter, spam, brew, homebrew]
+{% include JB/setup %}
+[Privoxy]( is still my favourite ad busting browser proxy.
+I installed via [Homebrew]( and then thanks to [Frederik De Bleser]( I used just his [Privoxy launch-agent]( script `org.privoxy.privoxy.plist`:
+ <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
+ <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">
+ <plist version="1.0">
+ <dict>
+ <key>Label</key>
+ <string>org.privoxy.privoxy</string>
+ <key>ProgramArguments</key>
+ <array>
+ <string>/usr/local/sbin/privoxy</string>
+ <string>/usr/local/etc/privoxy/config</string>
+ </array>
+ <key>RunAtLoad</key>
+ <true/>
+ <key>KeepAlive</key>
+ <false/>
+ <key>WorkingDirectory</key>
+ <string>/usr/local/etc/privoxy</string>
+ <key>StandardErrorPath</key>
+ <string>/usr/local/var/log/privoxy/output.log</string>
+ <key>StandardOutPath</key>
+ <string>/usr/local/var/log/privoxy/output.log</string>
+ </dict>
+ </plist>
Binary file not shown.
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-The latest version of this document can be found at:
-Gareth (yes I really only have one name).
-Location: Working remotely from Goa, India. Looking to relocate.
-Nationalities: Australian, British.
-Passports: Australian, I will have my British by end of August 2012.
-DOB: 1974/04/30
-Blog post:
-Current Employment:
-Project management - Self Employed
- - I am engaged in remote Linux System Administration for a company in Australia.
- - Work currently consists of domain and website transfers from disparate
- ad-hoc US based hosting onto client supplied server on which I have
- configured Debian Linux.
- - Setup all domains. Harden OS. Document process.
-Previous Employment:
-Reef Safari Diving: Project Manager and Diving instructor (2009-2012)
- - I managed the diving operation 200km out from Airlie Beach, Queensland in
- the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park on Cruise Whitsundays Knuckle Reef
- pontoon. 30-90 divers each day. I worked 6 days/week.
- - Three months spent teaching and training Reef Safari staff in Fiji.
-Computer Rescue / Ninja Web Development: Owner (2002 - 2010)
- - I've built and troubleshot almost every type of operating system and network you
- can list. From recovering a RedHat 2.1 Point of Sale system to building a
- Wireless Distributed Network out of a dozen custom firmware flashed Linksys
- routers to create a mesh network.
- - On-site support for individuals and businesses. Go-to guy for anything
- Windows, Linux or OSX.
- - I sold the business to my excellent employee and count my blessings for the
- amazing fun years of helping people on such diverse problems.
- - Windows, Linux (Debian, CentOS, RedHat), Apple OS X, JavaScript, Apache,
- MySQL, PostgreSQL, TCP/IP, shell scripting, Python (basic), Hardware,
- Mobile Apps, Security, Network Protocols, many CMS.
- - User support: I speak 'fluent human'. Great communication is essential to happy users.
- - Computer networking, building, repairs.
- - Troubleshooting: My favourite skill set.
- - Car & motorcycle licenses. Scuba diving instructor. Senior first aid.
- - Although I finished college (yr 12) I have led a life with the benefits of
- diverse experiences and skills. I am self taught in most things.
- - I am able to communicate effectively with diverse types of people.
- - I have a 'Just In Time' method of working where I keep current with
- technology but learn what I need as required.
- - I believe most computer problems need to be defined by what one is
- attempting to achieve than by how to fix what's broken (unable to see the
- forest for the trees). More often than not there is a way around rather than through.
- - I'm diligent because I only work at things I'm passionate about. Every day
- has aspects that are a drag but that won't deter you if you're there for
- the right reasons. I haven't had a job I didn't feel this way about since the mid 90's.
- - Lots more to say, let's do Skype & coffee.
-Referees provided upon request.

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